Question: convert old router to network adapter DD-WRT/ openWRT / Tomato

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking Cards' started by Axis0fEvil, 20 Apr 2017.

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    Dear Xiaopan hackers,

    I bricked my AWUS036H by spilling juice on it, now it runs but doesn't connect to any wireless network, be it at home or work or friend's house. it just sits there and shows list of networks .. but everytime I try "unable to connect". I tried everything in the Mass production kit, old version and the latest 1.4.2 nothing works. I already had the modded drivers on, in case you might suggest it. ^__^

    These cards are not available in our markets and to order one is a really a game of waiting for a long time for shipping. Also there's the risk of having a fake. So I have been looking for alternatives.

    OpenWRT / DD-WRT / Tomato, all of them show you can use Client mode and client repeater mode but this would suggest you already have a router connected to the internet, so this is for home use only to extend the range.

    What I want is to use any of these linux based firmwares to convert any supported router in our market to a wireless adapter which I can use with XIAOPAN or KALI or PARROT OS as a hacking card in monitor mode.
    is it possible ?!!yes or no ? if so how ?!

    Thank you.

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