WPS Vulnerability Status Update for Linksys Devices

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Mr. Penguin, 2 Aug 2012.

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    Cisco will be releasing firmware that allows customers to disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ to eliminate exposure to this issue. The following table lists affected products and will be updated with dates and firmware version numbers that include the ability to disable WPS.

    Models Vunerable to Reaver Attack:
    E1000 TBD
    E1000 v2 TBD
    E1000 v2.1 TBD
    E1200 v1 early March
    E1200 v2 early March
    E1500 early March
    E1550 mid March
    E2000 TBD
    E2100L mid March
    E2500 early March
    E3000 TBD
    E3200 early March
    E4200 v1 early March
    E4200 v2 TBD
    M10 TBD
    M20 TBD
    RE1000 early March
    WAG120N TBD
    WAG160N TBD
    WAG160N v2 TBD
    WAG310G TBD
    WAG320N TBD
    WAG54G2 TBD
    WAP610N TBD
    WRT110 TBD
    WRT120N TBD
    WRT160N v1 TBD
    WRT160N v2 TBD
    WRT160N v3 TBD
    WRT160NL TBD
    WRT310N v1 TBD
    WRT310N v2 TBD
    WRT320N TBD
    WRT400N TBD
    WRT54G2 v1 TBD
    WRT54G2 v1.3 TBD
    WRT54G2 v1.5 TBD
    WRT54GS2 v1 TBD
    WRT610N v1 TBD
    WRT610N v2 TBD
    X2000 TBD
    X2000 v2 TBD
    X3000 TBD

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    10 Sep 2013
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    Hello, I have a WRT120N Linksys Router that I'm testing the software, to try to connect to wifi, and I don't get to obtain the password of the wifi.
    Is that router available to connect with xiaopan? can you help me please?
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