Xiaopan OS is an easy to use software package for beginners and experts that includes a number of advanced tools to penetrate wireless networks. Based on the Tiny Core Linux (TCL) operating system (OS), it has a slick graphical user interface (GUI) requiring no need for typing Linux commands. Xiaopan OS is Windows, Mac and Linux compatible and users can simply install and boot this ~70mb OS through a USB pen drive or in a virtual machine (VM) environment.

Xiaopan OS is community driven, without active users the project will cease to exist. Therefore developments and improvements are largely due to help from the users. Share this on Facebook, twitter and tell your friends! Signup to the forums to ask for help or share something you have learned.


Xiaopan OS was created by Djyuzi from anywlan.com in late 2011 in the absence of another popular TCL build called Beini. Djyuzi realised that Beini was currently outdated and no longer being developed and decided to fill the gap. Our aim is further develop Xiaopan and provide excellent support to users worldwide, particularly to those who use the English language.


There are a number of professional operating systems that have been developed specifically for pentesting and security auditing which all are based on Linux. These include Kali, BackTrack and WiFiway. What sets Xiaopan OS apart from its competitors is that it Xiaopan OS is simple to use and just works, depending on a number of variables and providing you have all the right hardware of course.


Xiaopan OS includes a number of tools to hack WiFi Protected Setup (WPS), WiFI Protected Access (WPA) and Wireless Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encrypted networks:

  • Reaver: newly developed application with the ability to brute force crack WPS (WPA / WPA2) pins.
  • Inflator: this is the GUI version of command line reaver.
  • Aircrack-ng: the major backbone of many other Xiaopan tools including FeedingBottle (FB) and Minidwep with the ability to attack WPA networks through a dictionary attack and WEP networks through collecting and injecting packets.
  • FeedingBottle: so easy a baby could use it! FB is essentially the Aircrack-ng GUI and was created by Beini.
  • Minidwep: is similar to FB but has a better and similar GUI that is even easier to use than FB. The added advantage of Minidwep is that you can also run Reaver and Inflator from here as well.
  • Xfe: this is a simple file manager similar to say windows explorer.