Info Using Xiaopan OS & Reaver with Ralink 3070

Discussion in 'Xiaopan Support' started by gandahar2012, 14 Jul 2012.

  1. gandahar2012

    gandahar2012 Active Member

    10 Jul 2012
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    Hi all !:)

    i've been trying several version of XiaopanOS and find one working with my Kasens g9000 () usb

    the working version with Ralink 3070 is : xiaopan-0.4.1 minidwep-gtk - 30419.iso
    all the newst version of xiaopan are not working with ralink 3070, just this one (strange)

    i've been trying reaver on several pentest distros (backtrack, wifiway...), no one is working well, just the wifiway distros was working a little bit (reach 10% and get stuck), i made the test with same options ( -S -L -N and putting to 2 the second / pin attempt) all tests on same WPS router

    when i runned the Xiaopan version, it reach 90% in less than 2 minutes and go increasing slowly..

    the behavior of reaver seems normal to me in xiaopan-0.4.1 minidwep-gtk - 30419.iso (not in backtrack5R2 or wifiway3.4)

    what's happening ? maybe my hardware (kasens g900 USB) ? (hardware working well in backtrack5 or wifiway, but not in reaver pro, not in Auditor, not in Bugtrack, not in Russix, not in weakerthan5, not in backbox, not in Krackeraki, not in BLackbox, not in OSWA, not in gnacktrack, not in Beini, not in nodezero.....)

    i think it will be great to do a sticky thread for listing the most supported usb wifi for pentest distros, because information is not easy to find, and there is no place to assemble all the data (or i don't know them), what do you guys think about this idea ?
    EDIT: just find the Xiaopan and Beini compatibility list, but not working for me with latest version)

    other interesting thing : in Xiaopan 0.4.1, inflator is not working (i use reaver command line)
    or maybe wash is not working from inflator?? if i run wash from inflator : not working, wash command line : working ! (is inflator using wash ?? or the other strange version called "walsh" ? like in wifiway)

    is it possible to take the drivers from working version of xiaopan and install them in the latest xiaopan ?
    i've been trying to install drivers (in reaverPRO) downloaded from internet with help of videos and tutorials but never worked... (if you know how to do it, please help)

    i still have to learn a lot to be like fish in water using linux :D

    hope this information can help others
  2. Crackerz Wave

    Crackerz Wave The Dictator

    20 May 2012
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  3. Perrine Soutou

    Perrine Soutou New Member

    13 Jul 2012
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    Injection working for me with aireplay-ng & minidwep-gtk on latest with Live CD on an old Gateway PII laptop.

    Not tested with WPA - my AP doesn't do it

    USB Device is VenID:148f ProdID:3070 (Tenda W311U)
  4. qbase

    qbase Active Member

    11 Dec 2012
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  5. dooogle

    dooogle Well-Known Member

    10 Dec 2012
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    I have somewhat similar problem.
    For a couple of weeks in December 2012
    I have tried various versions of XiaoPan OS
    with my Alfa AWUS 036H, 036NH and 036NHR
    USB Wifi adapters.
    I burned the XiaoPan OS to LiveCD.
    The only version working well is the xiaopan 0.4.1 with
    minidwep-gtk - 30419
    I just can not get higher versions to work well.
    The 036NHR is not detected in XiaoPan 0.4.3
    The 036H with XiaoPan after scan can't
    find APs (Found 0 APs)
    Also the 036NHR is not recognised in XiaoPan

    Alfa AWUS 036H Chipset RTL8187L
    Alfa AWUS 035NH Chipset Ralink RT2870/RT3070
    Alfa AWUS 035NHR Chipset Realtek 8188RU

    Regarding the version with the Cobra
    Anyway to change this to more pleasing picture
    display as I don't like snakes!
  6. kyberdrb

    kyberdrb Guest

    I have Tenda W311U+ which has a ralink 3070 chipset. It has been working properly so far - Out Of the Box. I'm using Xiaopan 0.4.3
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