Best Tiny Core Linux Apps

All these programs are available and can be installed in TCL’s ApBrowser. You can view the full repository list here and everything is free. TCL would be awesome on old computers! Download link is at the bottom of the page.

The List

Audacity Amazing audio converter, recorder and editor

AbiWord Word processor, similar to Microsoft Word

Asunder Audio CD ripper and converter

Avidenux Video editor and encoder

Brasero CD / DVD burner

Chronium Internet browser similar to Google Chrome

Dropbox Cloud file sharing

Gimp Image editor

Gnumeric Create spreadsheets, similar to Microsoft Excel

Handbrake Convert and rip video

Inkscape Vector graphics editor similar to Corel Draw and Adobe illustrator

Linphone VOIP client

Minitube Youtube video downloader

Pidgin Multi instant messenger client (connect to facebook, google, messenger etc.)

RecordMyDesktop Um records your desktop 0_o

Remmina Remote desktop client.

Slylpheed Email client

Trucrypt Encrypt disks and partitions 

VLC Media Player Best video player ever!

Fun & Games

ZSNES Super Nintendo emulator

Starfighter Is a 2D space shooter

Stella A multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator

Tiny Core Linux App Capability


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