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2 Sep 2020 at 7:58 PM
18 May 2012
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Gold Coast

Mr. Penguin

Administrator, Male, from Gold Coast

Staff Member VIP Admin

Yes... no more spam from pakistan :) 15 Mar 2015

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2 Sep 2020
    1. wildbill
    2. wildbill
      Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor - Fixed download link is bad again
      1. Mr. Penguin likes this.
    3. Mr. Penguin
      Mr. Penguin
      Yes... no more spam from pakistan :)
      1. Sammi Ullah9 likes this.
    4. Mr. Penguin
      Mr. Penguin
      FFS SPAM: muscle pills and my wifi router..
    5. dj pantysmasher
      dj pantysmasher
      All I knowis u da man! Stay cool boss!
      1. Mr. Penguin likes this.
    6. ragesh006
      How to add dictionary in feedingbottle in beini ?
    7. AnJO-NOcTuRnO
      Mr. Penguin: hi Adrian need some help, I can't find the link to download the Xiaopan PRO II , thanks
      1. Mr. Penguin
        Mr. Penguin
        Not publicly available. Not happy with it, going to start again.
        7 Feb 2015
      2. AnJO-NOcTuRnO
        OK Adrian, thanks for your work. look forward to Xiaopan PRO II, I wish you a good weekend
        8 Feb 2015
    8. Johnny Tung
      Johnny Tung
      any xiaopan version that compatible with awus036nhv?
      1. Mr. Penguin
        7 Feb 2015
    9. chotani
    10. Mubashir Khan
      Mubashir Khan
      Hi Mr. Penguin when we trying 2 or 3 pins in wireless hacking in linux os through brute force it's seems a message like this (
      [!] WARNING: Detected AP rate limiting, waiting 60 seconds before re-checking ) plz
      help me
    11. Hattori
      Can anyone suggest what is a reliable online service that can against our captured 4 way handshake as my dictionary is unable to against it
    12. Mr. Penguin
      Mr. Penguin
      Happy New Year!
      1. Hattori
        Happy New Year too admin..
        17 Jan 2015
    13. Clver16
      Sir can you help me on how to install yosemite on my pc successfully? btw I can only boot on safe mode. Specs:
      p8z77 v pro thunderbolt
      32gb ram 8x2 corsair
      i7 3770
      geforce gt 9500

    14. raza9211
      hello Sir/Mam! how to hack a wifi (Wpa/wpa2) if the owner put a alphabetically password on it ?how can i know what he has put???is there any way that i can hack into that wifi?
      1. Hattori
        by guessing. you can create your own wordlist using google password generator. yes, there is a way but the process of course will stretch a bit long..
        17 Jan 2015
      2. Mr. Penguin
        17 Jan 2015
    15. stef sim
      stef sim
      is it posible to buy from the us store,since the uk is sold out.....i bought myself a wifi pineapple in hak5 shop in us,but i'm just askingto be long as ii have a belgium socket to juice that baby up.....gimme a yell,girth
      1. Mr. Penguin
        Mr. Penguin
        No idea. We have severed ties with ReaverSystems until further notice. Please contact them.
        6 Dec 2014
    16. EGa violinist
      EGa violinist
      Hi Mr,can u help me to interface alfa AWUS036NHR v2 in Reaver Pro 1???
      before,i can moddif TP-LINK Wn772N in reaver Pro 1,run perfectly,but i sold my TP-LINK wn772N,n i changed to Alfa,
      give me way of it please...i like reaver pro,i think it Pro tool to secure my router of hacker...
    17. impulso
      Mr. Penguin my hackintosh stopped when I leave it off and back on again alone .. should I do this not to happen?

      my hack:
      Asus p8z77-v LX
      8gb ram
      Intel Core i7 3,41 GHz
    18. JoNMiBeitia
      Hello Mr.Penguin,

      I have P8H77M-Pro and i need a bios patch to unlock the power magnamet (My Hackintosh only run on safe mode, and nothins work, no internet no wifi, nothing)
      The patched bios blog was closed, so im asking you if you can make a patched version of my Motherboard to finish the installation.
    19. kim29
      Good day MR. Penguin, what is the log in and password of xiaopan 4.7.2 , i try to boot using usb , i followed the guide using unetbooting, but after booting to usb, it required Core linux Log in and password? what should i enter? thanks
    20. mehshiraz
      Why is my Connectify PRO version 8 post in download section not available anymore?
      1. Mr. Penguin
        Mr. Penguin
        Not sure, I will look to see if a Mod has deleted it or I have deleted it due to a duplicate resource.
        16 Sep 2014
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