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18 May 2012
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Gold Coast

Mr. Penguin

Administrator, Male, from Gold Coast

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Yes... no more spam from pakistan :) 15 Mar 2015

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1 May 2020
    1. Jose Manuel Lopez
    2. estimacamry
      Hi Mr. Penguin, thanks for the effort with Xiaopan PRO. CTRL+ALT+Esc didn't bring up a terminal for my liveUSB instead I can get into TTY. I'm reading this now. Hopefully I can run some program from TTY as I'm complete dumb with linux LOL
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      2. estimacamry
        Any error log? meknb should be able to help out. He's good at it lol.
        21 Jan 2014
      3. meknb
        Havent had chance to look at pro yet but to me it sounds like a problem with your desktop manager (gdm) which 1 you using ? if you send me some logs i'll look into it dmesg and xorg.log, might have a look into pro at the w-end.
        22 Jan 2014
      4. Mr. Penguin
        Mr. Penguin
        I am going to redo the Pro version and start with creating a Linux Mint raw. Try and find if the problem is with Mint or something I installed....
        22 Jan 2014
    3. khairulwee
      good morning, i'm new here, can u assist me in my first quest now?? i would like to learn how to look for "array of bytes" in online flash games, namingly the "miniclip 8 ball pool.". can u teach me how to look for the game aimline array of byte, so that i can alter it and change the short aimline into a long one.. thanks in advance
      1. Mr. Penguin
        Mr. Penguin
        have no idea what you are talking about.
        20 Jan 2014
    4. ringo54321
      i think all these new people learning hacking should all start with a n alfa awuso36h
    5. ecrudragon
    6. xpeppe94x
      Hi, i have to buy a new usb wireless card to use it with reaver pro on parallels,but i don t know which...can u help me?(sorry for my engish)
    7. Leonardff
      Can you help me
      1. Mr. Penguin
        Mr. Penguin
        4 Jan 2014
      2. Leonardff
        are there any people help to run dicts for handshake. i got some
        4 Jan 2014
    8. Mr. Penguin
      Mr. Penguin
      So hot!!! Milk was a bad choice
      1. Amkay
        here we are freezing :P
        23 Dec 2013
    9. R718D
      Any code so I can apply to order a reaver pro 2
      1. Mr. Penguin
        Mr. Penguin
        21 Dec 2013
    10. ragga
      hi mr penguin just donated over the amount needed for the VIP :) show me the goodies
      many thanks
      1. Mr. Penguin likes this.
      2. Mr. Penguin
        Mr. Penguin
        Sweet, just give me 2 minutes. and thank you.
        6 Dec 2013
    11. Mr. Penguin
      Mr. Penguin
      Think i am starting to understand twitter -_o
      1. Amkay and DwarfJuglet like this.
    12. DwarfJuglet
      Hi I was wondering if you prefer the Pineapple mark V over the Reaver Pro?
      what do you think is the best for mobile use?
      1. Mr. Penguin
        Mr. Penguin
        I would have both but you can do more with the Pineapple for sure.
        30 Nov 2013
      2. Mr. Penguin
        Mr. Penguin
        It could be possible to have your device do both. The device being used has been used with the pineapple. So you could flash it with pineapple software (I will talk about the developers about this). Most mobile is the pineapple as you can get a battery pack. While the Reaver Pro II runs on electricity, you could get an aftermarket battery pack to make it run.
        30 Nov 2013
      3. DwarfJuglet
        Thank you very much for your answer, Mr. Pinguin.

        I bought Reaver Pro 2.0 yesterday with the CyberMonday deal. I am also thinking of getting the WiFi Pineapple Mark V.
        3 Dec 2013
    13. platinumsteel
      I have only one question.I don't truly understand your statement u made here about editing the plist settings manually.
    14. platinumsteel
      Thanks to your detailed post here I am able to follow instructions to be successful
      1. Mr. Penguin
        Mr. Penguin
        you bought a new motherboard and installed a hackintosh in 2 minutes? That is impressive. See previous comment you made.
        24 Nov 2013
    15. platinumsteel
      Hi pal...I am about to buy the ASUS P8Z77-V LX motherboard for a Hackintosh Build i am about to do...
      1. Mr. Penguin likes this.
    16. Mw1234567
    17. bobmy knob
      bobmy knob
      How did you guys text me when i never gave my #?
      1. mohsinjaved501 likes this.
      2. Mr. Penguin
        Mr. Penguin
        wtf are you talking about. ? Sure it is not tapatalk? Please give me details.
        16 Nov 2013
      3. vampiricbunny1800
        we know everything mohahahaha
        18 Nov 2013
    18. Xcell
      Hi boss. if you still need mods I can do it for you since I am gonna spend whole winter scratching my balls doing absolutely :censored all
      1. Mr. Penguin likes this.
    19. Mullet McNasty
      Mullet McNasty
      Hi Mr P, may i ask you a quick question in chat or here? Regarding caps files. Tnx.
    20. JD60
      Hello Mr. Admin, have a great day and the site

      1. Mr. Penguin likes this.
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