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What is WPS?
Everybody knows how to use WiFi, but not everyone knows how to secure their network. WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) was designed by the WiFi Alliance as an “easy button” to help users enable WPA/WPA2 network security and add new devices to their networks.

What’s wrong with WPS?
Despite the promise of easy wireless security, there is a major security flaw built into the WPS standard itself. WPS uses 8-digit pin numbers to allow new devices to join a network as trusted entities without having to know the WPA/WPA2 passphrase.

However, due to a logic flaw in the WPS reference design, a WPS-enabled router will report success for each half of the pin number separately, effectively cutting the possible pin space by 3 orders of magnitude and making it possible to guess the correct pin number in a matter of hours. Once the pin number (which is hardcoded for each device) is retrieved, it is possible to join the network, obtain the network passphrase, and reconfigure the router itself… even if the network passphrase is changed in the future!

The only way to prevent this brute force attack and unfettered access to your network is to disable WPS on the router itself. Furthermore, due to simplistic and sometimes improper implementation by various WiFi router vendors, it can be difficult or even impossible to disable the WPS feature.
How can Reaver Pro help me?
Reaver Pro will test your WPS implementation for vulnerabilities. A successful PIN retrieval means your network can be attacked and infiltrated! It’s that simple. If Reaver Pro fails to obtain the PIN, your WPS implementation is likely secure and up-to-date.